epcasa is software that enables complete management of commercial real estate agency: is the concrete answer to the real needs of the agency and is used by hundreds of satisfied users. We operate in the real estate management industry for over 12 years and we follow the customer by providing a personalized service, because we feel this is the added value of a software application that is complete and customizable to the customer service.

We believe that the best way to let us know is to try epcasa so that you can assess and evaluate the service.

Main features:

  • It's an online platform
    The great advantage of being able to access the service when you want and where you want.
    In the case of a group of real estate agents, the ability to share real-time information between users of the agencies.
  • The price includes training at our office or through remote assistance
    Our motto is "if you know well epcasa you can better appreciate it and use it well."
  • It is the safest product on the market
    The way we deal with the security problem is to identify the fears and distrust in the use of online applications and give a real answer:
    - encrypted data: no access to the data via http but via https, that is data travels on the Internet encrypted like when you pay by credit card or using a home banking service;
    - data backup: we make a backup 2 times a day, so that you can restore your data in case of major errors
    - access to the service: you can enable access only from the agency's headquarters or by the possession of hardware support (equal to those provided by banks);
    - password: passwords are safe and comply with standards.
  • Detailed data sheets
    In this case the details are not details; the ability to manage all the information you consider important is decisive: the service operates data sheets with more than 50 fields.
  • Document management
    We have upgraded the software with an accurate document management that allows you to associate with the client of the agency all the necessary documentation.
  • Pairings Building-Applicant
    It allows, according to the chosen parameters, to find precisely the specific requesting client for the chosen real estate.
  • Printing
    The application includes the reale estate sheet prints and associated activities, and to generate the window poster.
    You can be customized and you can create prints according to your specific needs.
  • Shop window
    epcasa manages the possibility to have a monitor in the window on which are displayed in sequence, the properties that you want to advertise in your store.
  • Email
    Allows sending emails in the process of pairing, from the details of the apartment and the applicant's customer card.
  • SMS
    It allows sending SMS in the process of pairing and on confirmation of an appointment on the agenda.
  • Website
    you can associate with the service, the creation of a website in line with your corporate graphic that includes the search and display of buildings with detailed charts.
  • Publication on real estate portals
    epcasa it is able to publish on the major real estate portals for which your company has a trade agreement of automated publishing.