The website of a company helps to improve the corporate image.

Epweb is our Content Management System with which we build state-of-the-art responsive website quickly and within a set time.

Here are the main benefits of using epweb:

  • Quick and easy: any non-technical user can quickly and easily publish content, configure menu, edit news or set up a newsletter.
  • Multilanguage: you are able to easily translate every content you create
  • Advanced search: your users can find any content through a fast internal search engine
  • Customer loyalty: you can increase customer loyalty with a set of tools: newsletter, sms, forms, news, banner, and more.
  • SEO optimization: you can set keywords on every page affecting the visibility of your website in every web search engines.
  • E-commerce: you can sell your products or services with built-in e-commerce module.
  • Accessibility: your site is designed for people who experience disabilities
  • Scalability: as your site scale up, you can migrate from mySql to PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • Continuous improvement: epweb is continually improved over time.